Wednesday, September 30, 2015

this one should be easy

this one should be easy
just gotta find my solids
and make a nice bag
I think the center would look fab
with a hand quilted feather wreath

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

this guy is calling me gobble gobble

I have done a little more on this guy
(no picture yet)

he will be lots of hand work so when
I go to dr apts with hubs I will work on him
and get er done.........

I always have something to grab and go for such occasions
I usually finish up a dishcloth or two
or a scarf while my car is being serviced too!
hey, whatever works right?

I sewed up squares to make a second one of these.......
silly me huh?
love it and  think my daughter in law may like one too

partridge in a pear tree

this one looks Christmassy to me.
like a partridge in a pear tree

I am thinking it needs to be the center of a 12 days of Christmas quilt?

Monday, September 28, 2015

anyone make to do lists?

Does anyone make to do lists?
I need to make a list or a plan and stick to it.
I don't know if it is the time of year
with the changing of the seasons..........
or just boredom of the same old same old..........
or seeing others make something we want to make..........
I just can't seem to buckle down and get things done

I put in for more hours in a day but that request was denied!
I really need to get some Christmas things done.
I started out great in January completing ten table toppers
 then it went all downhill from there LOL

October is a busy busy month
I have 3 dr apts to take hubby to
two craft fairs I would like to go to
a car appointment
a meeting and two birthdays

makes for a crazy woman like me!

I really need to use my weekends wisely
My son is supposed to come over this next weekend
so will try and have him do things like shut the water to the
outside faucets and get a new blanket
for the water heater
that will help us to get things ready for winter

To do or not to do............

pay it forward

this is an idea that I did last year to pay it forward.
I bought a plate at the dollar store
and some paint markers
you write the saying on the plate
and bake at 200-250 for half hour to one hour
let it cool in the oven before removing it

a plate that is special and fun
you just pass the plate on with goodies and they pass it on etc.
wouldnt it be funny to see it again in your circle of friends and family?
I may do more than on e this year.

we will see..............

what are you planning for the end of the year months?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

wouldnt this make a neat little candle mat?

I am thinking this would make a neat candle mat
maybe extending it out log cabin style
with more blues and pinks and reds?
or would it look better as a bag?
what would you make?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

cleaning up

every day I am trying to clean a little more of my sewing room
I need to purge a ton of stuff
way too much of everything
when You find 5 rotary cutters 
and the same patterns more than once
it is time to get a handle on it
I used to have no money issues
life was good
and I could spend with abandon as I wished
now, not so much

but I think I would like to share some of my bounty
with others and save them some money

Collette do you have this serger book? would you like it?
great ideas on using a serger 
I have more than one book on serging
so I will be willing to pass it on........
what do you say?

and I found this birdhouse that I love
it is made of small scraps of wood
and a coffee can
how cute is that?
I wonder if I can get brother to make me one for Christmas?

Friday, September 25, 2015

and this turkey is patient

meanwhile,......this turkey waits for me
to have time in the sewing room
gotta get him done........

because you see this is only part of the UFO pile.
yeah I am a very bad girl........
but I want to get them done
so I can have some nice warm quilts this winter.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

who else buys others UFOs?

I also bought this stack of blocks
I think the bird is cute

and do you see the price?
yeah for ALL of can one resist?

a nice Amish themed one

here kitty.........

a heart


nine patch

and look close. most of them are signed
looks like someone either won them
or had people make them blocks 
and the quilt was never completed for 
one reason or another.......
(I dont know how that goes. no I dont. I complete every little thing I start.......

and this is the one that sealed the sale
I LOVE embroidery! so so sweet
and signed as well.

so I guess I had better come up with some ideas
to finish these off
I am thinking little bags
or table toppers

what would YOU do with UFO blocks?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

but its for Christmas I swear!

a pretty pillowcase kit
this one had to come home with me too

as did these
ok, so my friend talked me into BOTH of these
you see if you know my OTHER enabler, Jenny of Missouri Star
well, she has this deer quilt that she did the attic windows on
from a deer panel
I had bought the deer panel a few weeks back 
after searching the internet all over
I think I paid like 20 bucks for it
(its for my brother if I finish it)
anywho, I need 3/4 yd of a white, 3/4 yard of a black and 3/4 yd of a brown
and then a border
well we couldnt decide which one we liked better (or the finished size of the quilt)
so will it be
pinecones or leaves ?
so we (I) took both.
yeah, she likes to help me spend my money huh?

a fun time was had at the show with my buddy.
wish there were more of them more local

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

stash enhancements just a few......

I got some beiges  you can never have too many light fabrics
and they were like 2 dollars a yard!
and the blue.......I thought it was a neat print
see the price? how could I leave it there?

                                                a big piece of a pretty plaid and 50 cents for fat I got 

                                                                    more blues and browns.........
                                                                       I spent a little more too.........I cant fit it all in one post.

Monday, September 21, 2015

weekend to do list

not much on the to do list is getting done
you see over the weekend there was a QUILT SHOW
Yep! yessiree  and it was just up the street too!
so I grabbed my quilting friend........
(well you know what I mean, I put her in my car and we drove there!)

I did finish this little bag first.
love those cows for sure

this is the back.........

and this is the lining.......who turned the lights up bright??? LOL
sorry, got distracted......
ah anyway......
I didnt bring my camera to the show.......

I WILL show you how BAD I was...... tomorrow
oh yeah and I still had to do groceries after
honey had NO IDEA how bad.......and don't YOU tell him LOL

um, honey?  Do you mind having oatmeal and beans this week?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

sleep comes easy to some

I wish I could sleep soundly like these two........

so peaceful looking.

this is more like me..........trying to stretch out and get comfy

and toss.......

and turn..........

and ok if no one else is up I am gonna go sew...........

just sayin............

Saturday, September 19, 2015

keeping warm

the weather has turned Fallish here
and I am NOT complaining
although some of us (not to mention the name of the above)
are making it very clear they are not warm LOL
ummmmmm  hot dryer clothes
let me snuggle in........LOL

doesnt everyone love cat hair on freshly washed laundry?
no? LOL

this quilt top is on my to do listing
I found it again in the sewing room and it just 
needs a backing and batting and I am thinking
of tying it
the fabrics are all heavy denim weight and I think one tie in the center of each 
square would make it look old fashioned and fun

these were scraps they were throwing out when I worked in the office
of a curtain factory.
when they were getting ready to lay us off (they were closing) 
my manager asked if I wanted any fabrics and threads
and lace and buttons.........who me?  Yessiree Bob!
I came home with tons of waverly fabrics and at the time in 1998
they were going for 30-40 dollars a yard!
that year everyone got a quillow for Christmas. I made over 39 of them! LOL
bu this guy got pieced and never finished.
his time has come I think
should I use muslin for the back?  a fun print?
it is going to be a big quilt if I remember right
what do you think? what would YOU use?

Friday, September 18, 2015

a mystery no more

Hey Dasha how is your mystery coming along for the scrap dance?
Here is my little table topper  
4 squares which is doable
I was right on one block

here is one block............

here is the other one............

and here was my guess when we had one more step to do
not bad for an old lady huh?
now to figure out if I will 
border it scrappy with piano keys
or just a blue fabric
or put them into a runner and add a block.......

a ton of snow?

I was looking at my Avalanche roof rake so see what assembly
was necessary
and kind of laughed at the box
a ton of snow a minute????
I am hoping I never have to find out if that statement is true!
A TON!!!!!!!
that is a lot of snow..........

and these little pillowcases are all white and plain and may
need something fun on them
some lace
or embroidery
or applique

will see as I go along.........

many projects I am hoping to get done by Christmas
we will see how I do

Thursday, September 17, 2015

love this pattern

have you ever made something that you loved?
this pattern was made MANY years ago 
when my nieces were small

they are now in their 20s!
One year for Christmas I made them each a fur
animal TV pillow
yep, you drag it around and plop on it to watch tv

One niece loved her bear so much she kept bringing it to me
to fix his ear, or fix his nose Auntie.
fond memories of her dragging him around as her best friend

well now the one niece has a son of her own
who is just about the right age for this

so for Christmas this year I think he will get a bear
of his own to love and drag around

I had wanted to make him a Daniel Boone hat
we will see how I do............
I need to snoop as I saw his cousin with a hat
and he usually gets what he has so the hat may be out

you put a regular bed pillow in this guys belly for the stuffing
the rest of the head and arms and legs are stuffed with polyfil

a fun project to make so I have time to find a box big enough to wrap him in

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

here a moo there a moo everywhere a moo moo

I finished sewing up scraps to the cows
and trimmed them to make pouch size pieces

how cute is Miss Besssie???

and this one was headed for the barn LOL

but the greatest part is this!
I found some "cow fabric" 
when cleaning my room
who knew????
so cut the other side of the pouches out of it
am so excited to sew these up!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

found the fleece

I found the fleece pieces I was looking for
now where is that sock pattern?????

I want to make a bunch of fleece socks with my serger

nice and warm for the coming cold months