Saturday, September 12, 2015

challenge for sure

remember this guy?

Yeah, he FINALLY came home on Friday

so off to the drug store for all the new things we needed
for diabetes

1) they gave us one insulin
I asked about it to make sure
they said that is what the dr prescribed

2) they gave us the insulin pen
they taught us on the needle and jar
so I asked about that
they said we were fine it tells all inside

3)  went home
this morning went to give Rich his insulin
no needles.

can I ask you how can you send someone home
with new diabetes stuff
with NO NEEDLES.??????
then when I call the pharmacist he says
the dr didnt prescribe it.
um hello? did you think to ask when I picked it up
so that we could get it straightened out???

what is wrong with people?  I dont trust
others with my health for good reason I guess
no common sense......
I said to him how would I KNOW  what I needed
this is all new to us?????

geesh Louise........... my soapbox now..........

bloodsugar up on hubs
blood pressure up on wifey LOL


barbara woods said...

a bunch of idiots! Just like the ones that sent a letter saying tommy needed his manogram

Vicki H said...

Don't forget, you need a script for test strips too.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

You can blame the insurance companies. No prescription, no reimbursement. The insurance companies just make everything as hard as possible for everyone. said...

You also need a prescription for the lancets. Also depending on how many times a day they say he can test. If they say test 1 time a day if you have a script 90 days if you run out of test strips before the 90 days you can't get any.