Thursday, September 10, 2015

I got another package

I came home from a long day learning about hubbys shots and diabetes.
I had to give him his shot. uuuuuughhhhhhhh   I was squeemish and afraid I was hurting him.
this will take getting used to for sure. he cant do it until his pinky is healed.

anywho, once I arrived home I had a package at the door.........
my Avalanche roof rake!
I decided after last year paying $500 and $150 for the two times I had to pay someone to remove snow from my roof that I would do something about it.
so I ordered this and hate to say it but cant wait to use it.
even short people like me can use it.
my roof isnt too tall so I should be able to do the job fairly easily.
If you had roof issues like we did last year, it is supposed to be another nasty winter here in New England. I figure the $170 I spent on this saves me the 650 I spent last year and I can get some exercise to boot!

avalanche roof rake


Julierose said...

Oh tough to do--good for you!
We got a roof rake as a present a couple years ago and never thought we'd use it--HAH! Last year showed us! Just be careful as it is very strenuous pulling heavy snow and ice off!! hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

where their's a will theres a way , you go girl said...

That looks like a neat tool. I agree that money would be better than the money you spent last year.