Thursday, September 17, 2015

love this pattern

have you ever made something that you loved?
this pattern was made MANY years ago 
when my nieces were small

they are now in their 20s!
One year for Christmas I made them each a fur
animal TV pillow
yep, you drag it around and plop on it to watch tv

One niece loved her bear so much she kept bringing it to me
to fix his ear, or fix his nose Auntie.
fond memories of her dragging him around as her best friend

well now the one niece has a son of her own
who is just about the right age for this

so for Christmas this year I think he will get a bear
of his own to love and drag around

I had wanted to make him a Daniel Boone hat
we will see how I do............
I need to snoop as I saw his cousin with a hat
and he usually gets what he has so the hat may be out

you put a regular bed pillow in this guys belly for the stuffing
the rest of the head and arms and legs are stuffed with polyfil

a fun project to make so I have time to find a box big enough to wrap him in

2 comments: said...

Awe very cute. I saw the lounger for older kids which is like 3 yards of fabric and 4 king size pillows or something of the sort.

barbara woods said...

love that idea. That would make a great gift