Saturday, September 5, 2015

the frost will soon be on the pumpkins

the frost will be on the pumpkins soon
and then the smells and warmth of the season 
will begin

caramel apple jam.........YUM  
need to make some this year

Dunkin can you help?

Phebes?  guess not

gotta find these and quilt them up
I think I have five of them

lurking in the sewing room

and I need a Christmas quilt for ME

these are always easy to sew up quick
I need to make a whole bunch
then can use them as prizes at our family reunion
for next year

hubs when he was feeling better.
miss ya sweetie

but this I dont miss!

may want to start this for one grandson.......

and gather greens for these

while the KING sleeps in Mommys bed

and Phoebe toils away. a womans work is never done
right Phebes?

Daddy last Christmas in his red tee........
as dressed as he gets these days lol

need to make some of these too

some Fall things on the TO DO list.........
are you planning?


Julierose said...

Here's hoping your DH comes home all your little Fall ideas--hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

great ideas, hope hubby is doing better.Hugs said...

I am with Julie. When DH is home then things can start churning again.