Thursday, September 10, 2015

the last of summer

these guys are showing the last beautiful buds of the summer

and this guy I had chopped down
only to have it grow up high again
I guess I need to trim some more you think?

and these were just blueberry sticks this Spring
I will put them in the screen room to shelter them from heavy snow through the winter
then I am hoping that next year I will see little blueberries
keeping fingers crossed........
Rich should be  coming home from the nursing home Fri.
I had to give him insulin shot. I was shaking.
I am not good at that. but he cant do it for 
a while with his left hand out of commission
so we will do what we have to do
the cats will sure be glad to see him.
me too

2 comments: said...

What is the tall bush? My parents have butterfly bushes which are insanely tall like that. But they also discovered that in Oregon Butterfly bushes are very invasive so they are no longer sold in nurseries. Glad the shot went well. How often does he get a shot? I think the MIL does it right before she eats a large meal.

barbara woods said...

you will learn , son-in-law has a pin that he just sticks to his tummy before eating. carries one to work in a cooler.