Monday, September 14, 2015

turkey parts

not the Thanksgiving kind LOL
here sits my turkey parts
waiting for me to have some free time
(what is that? LOL)
I decided to go with this feathery one for the body
and the polkadot for the head
the funky yellow for feet

and while cleaning up my room found more orange and Fall 
squares so sewed them up
may have enough for a second one
we will see
that will be cute for one of my nieces

even some turkey feathers got started
little by little  
what is that saying? slow and steady wins the race
I should win as I am sure as heck slow these days LOL


Charlene S said...

Just remember that the turtle won the race! Slow is better than stopped or stalled. I can bet you that these days I am slower than slow but I am moving in the right direction as are YOU! Don't stop-keep moving!

Julierose said...

Oh slow is good for sure, love the parts of Mister turkey-Lurkey--that'll be just so cute!! Hmmmm, now you're going to make me MAKE one, too!! Hugs, julierose

barbara woods said...

Mine's feet are a orangeeee red. Like your body went with beige for mine., maybe we will get finished by Thanksgiving said...

I am right along there with you. Slow, and I can't even say steady. Love the fabrics you are using.