Friday, October 30, 2015

I love color

I love the colors of Fall
this neighbor has two beautiful fire bushes in front
they are so pretty right now

another neighbor painted an empty gas tank like a pumpkin
and planted mums and lights
looks so nice

look at this plant. this tree is a Euny (I cant spell the real name)
but look at the all green section in it'
how funny is that
I love the variegated leaves and want
to try and start another one from a cutting next year
we will see

look at these clouds!  and the leaves blowing off the trees..........
something is a brewing.............

Thursday, October 29, 2015

trying to clean up around here

I raked and raked
and they blew and blew........
and came back again

it didnt stay clean for long.......

these guys turned brown

these are my blueberries
they were just sticks
I will put them in the screen room to protect them 
from the bitter bitter snow
hoping that next year I will get to see some berries...
they are patio blueberries 
and are supposed to produce lots of berries

here is the tomato plant the deer damaged

this is lemon sage. I guess they dont like it LOL
I love the smell
keeps the bugs away and smells so clean and nice

and the brown of the sedum out front
sad to see them turn............
means you know what is around the corner

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

the flowers dont know its Fall

these are my roses..........some dead  but some
late bloomers still hanging on...........

so so pretty.........among the browns 

and these mums just decided to shine their light........

and this petunia is not giving up yet either.
cold weather? down in 30s at night? no problem
look at the little buds to the right
still fighting to bloom

and buds on the roses too

against the browns and rusts of Fall

I guess the flowers have not gotten the memo yet.........
that Fall is here and Friday we may have the "s" word!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

this weekend.......

this is a pile of leaves that I raked
it is huge......

the leaves have started turning
look how pretty they are
seems like overnight they were painted
pretty golds  and oranges and reds
AND they are falling too.......

so I raked and raked.........

and raked and raked...........

they cover the yard like a thick carpet......

and these went from red to brownish
so I have a feeling when I am done raking
I will have THIS trees leaves to rake...........
just because I need the exercise! LOL
tonight is our Association meeting so I am off to 
bake cupcakes and get our Christmas party flyer done
then go to work LOL  
a womans work is NEVER done is it?

Monday, October 26, 2015


what do you think of this fabric for curtains? 
I had a request to make some Mickey Mouse curtains......

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Craft fairs are fun

my reward yesterday for our company not being able
to show up was a trip to a craft fair with friends
I got this little sweetie mouse for a dollar!

just look at her detail!
yes I said ONE DOLLAR....

she has a little bonnet and a little tail and is the sweetest
looking thing
I think I will give her a hanging string
and put her on my Christmas tree

see the detail? sweet
did I say she was only a dollar??????

and this guy reminded me of Dunks
so I will put him on my desk at work
to have kleenex at the ready when needed

and my friend bought me this ring I was eyeballing
isnt it pretty? adjustable so it fits just right

and this guy is on my jacket
he is so darned festive looking isnt he?
I just LOVE Fall craft Fairs...........
fun way to spend a part of the day

have you gone to any good ones lately?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

October is almost done

My Grandmother was right when she said the older you 
get the faster and faster time goes by
seems like yesterday it was Labor Day
reflecting what I have done so far for October
I made some kite centerpiece tops-they still
need batt and back and quilting

finished up my table topper
LOVE IT!!!!!
this was a cute little fun project
so much so that I have cut out more little tumblers
in all my scraps (yeah I never said I wasnt CRAZY!)

I caught a thief in the house.......
remember the "frito bandito"? 
well this is the Chip Thief

bought cute kitten decorations while at a 
craft show with my friend
we had lots of fun......(we usually do when we are together......)

got some Halloween bags ready for our meeting on Tues
for the Association

made myself a pincushion to keep by the machine

and started another flimsie
from those squares
I guess I did accomplish a little more than I thought
especially while dealing and learning more
about diabetes and nutrition
what have you done in October?

Friday, October 23, 2015

dont you just love the internet

FOOD  Crockpot freezer meal ravioli soup that everyone in your family will love

ravioli soup

I was surfing the quilt blogs like I always do while having my morning cuppa and I came across this recipe that a gal had posted. check out the link to her blog.
this looks soooooooo good. and soooooooo easy........

and it is one of those meals you can make ahead and freeze for those frantic nights when you need dinner quickly. (I am thinking Christmas shopping nights here)

I am sure I can tweak it for hubs. He can have carbs just not so many. with a smaller portion and a side salad I think that would do the trick.
love love love the internet..........  how the heck would I survive without it???

good food, great quilt ideas and the best blogging friends EVA!
what have YOU found on the internet lately?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

why do I make a mess

why is it we spend a ton of time cleaning up
and straightening out
only to mess it up again?
why can't I be like Felix Unger?
remember him?  Felix and Jack Klugman
one a neat freak and one a slob LOL
I would like to be more like Felix
and put things back neatly so that I had more time to SEW
and less time spent straightening out
just sayin............

while i had the squares out I sewed a few of these up
I am thinking for my Good night Irene quilt maybe
we will see
I have a good number of those 16 patch blocks to get started on
it but I have to refocus
for the holidays
and get things done as they are due

so Halloween will be among us
and Tues the 27th we have our Association meeting
I usually bake some goodies
and I still may
but I made up some little Halloween goodie bags
with 3 mini chocolate bars in each
I am thinking if the meeting doesnt go well
I will make em happy with chocolate! LOL

and bought two of these cats for decoration
this past weekend went with my quilty friend (Hi Jacky!)
to some craft fairs.
we had so much fun
a man was selling these real cheap
I was happy to scoff up two of them
and a snowman for later decorating
I had my eye on a pretty Christmas tree he did too
it was an older gentleman and his daughter and he was selling these for like a dollar a piece!
yeah  she said he made things to "stay outta trouble" LOL
he was selling lots of stuff as he was so cheap and they 
were so cute

so...........are you a 'neat quilter?" or are you a messer like me?
are creative minds "messy" by nature?
is it something I cant control?
(thats my story and I'm sticking to it)

no more vegitation

these guys are now black
from the frost

this guy was eaten down to the roots
I am thinking a deer

and this has a huge gape in the back
that I dont think will come back

the weather here is crazy.
was in 60s then one morning in 20s and BAM
everything is dead and black
and frosted

hoping next year is a little warmer at this time..........

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

a little play

I could not decide on a pincushion
and knew everyone was right
those are pretty but are they practical
so I sewed a few squares together
and made this long pincushion
I love it! so simple but very useful 
by the side of the machine

and while I was sewing squares, I missed my machine
and sewed my little heart away
just grabbing squares in "lights" and some blacks and pinks
and made this
not sure why
I just HAD to
of course Dunks had to get into the picture

there now you can see more
it is a small little quilt top
I may add some UFO blocks to the outer edges
kind of like a border
we will see
you can see some surprises of squares
that were pieced as well
they all went into this little quilt

and Dunkin wanted more attention so hmmmmm
lets grab that quilt away from Mom
and wear it
Can I go out for halloween as a quilt?

Mom get this off my play house.
too much shade

what have YOU been up to?
I SHOULD be cleaning
I have the carpenter coming to give us a quote on a new
bedroom floor and some windows
better get those dust bunnies
out from under the bed!