Thursday, October 15, 2015

a thief among us

the things you see when you are home....... I got up late after a long
night of making jam and jelly
and this is what I see.....
hubs left a couple of potato chips in a bowl
from his midnight snacking
and Dunkin found them

As I watched, he carefully with his paw got one out of the bowl
onto the tray

and nudged it with his nose until he could
drop it to the floor

for easy access........mission accomplished!
little buggar. 
who says cats are dumb???


Julierose said...

Well, they are potato chips after all heh heh I am on your kitty's side--I am a huge potato chip fan: Cape cod (40% low fat) and UTZ waves (these with chive cottage cheese)
I'll stop now--enough enabling right?? hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

For food they will move said...

Dunkin can have chips. Hubby should not with his condition. He is very smart isn't he?

Dasha said...

Cats certainly Are. Not. Dumb.
Yours is no exception. LOL Clever puss.