Tuesday, October 6, 2015

any good game ideas?

I need some good game ideas 
for a family reunion in July
we found some online
one that we thought was fun was
find your shoe
everyone takes off their shoes and grabs a partner
you must have a partner to play
then the shoes are put in a huge area all scrambled up
when you say GO everyone runs with their partner to 
get their shoes BUT YOU cant touch YOUR shoes. 
your partner has to put them on you 
and you on your partner

we have 20 acres of land so this will be fun
we usually have like 200-300 people
of course not everyone will play
but we are hoping for some fun easy ideas
that wont cost a lot

Do you have any?
please let me know
we like to play in my family LOL


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

No group games but we have a couple of games that we play when we have picnics. My father made the game pieces. One is called washers, another is called Balallo, and then midwest they play corn hole.

barbara woods said...

can't help there , when we get together we spend time catching up on the rest of the family because we live every where