Saturday, October 3, 2015

do you cut scraps into squares?

As I am cleaning, I am pondering how to store my stash
should I cut up pieces into the largest squares I can
get out of the fabric?
would I regret it if I wanted a strip instead of a square?

I thought long and hard and said to myself just look and see
what you have made with squares
and see if they are versatile enough

this quilt was a scrap quilt that was supposed to be a donation
for a man in a nursing home
we had made about 5 or 6 lap quilts that were donated along
with fancy soaps and pillowcases and tissue covers
to an area nursing home for Christmas gifts
they passed out the gifts and the residents were thrilled that 
someone thought of them
the nieces and I had a ball crafting and thinking
of others too.

this little baby was just a "clean up these squares and make something" quilt
I like the way it turned out
some of these fabrics are very old
it just needs binding

this is fabric from my friend Sharon of

I was gifted with a bunch of squares to use in my Irene quilt
as I hate cutting them
she gifted me with TWO bags full! so I started sewing them
and sewing them
and sewing them into little projects
and was surprised how much I got out of them
this is going to be a mat for the cats
every Christmas I make two for them

and this is going to be a sewing mat if I ever get busy

and another sewing mat

then there were the turkey runners
I made the centers for TWO of them
Fall colors are not usually colors I buy
so it was fun to work on something
for the holidays

this guy is a zip bag.......

another one........

color coordinated 16 patch

to make something like this.........
so I guess I answered my own question........
squares are very versatile even though I sewed
them as is
I could also have done half square triangles as well
I guess if the pieces are small enough I should cut 2 1/2 inch
squares and store them that way
I also want to make a plus quilt
and that uses them too
LOTS of them
How do you store YOUR stash once you cut into it
and you have scraps?
squares? strips? both?
leave the piece for a project like it is?


Julierose said...

I cut for each definite project--too many times I needed a bigger piece and it's been all either cut up into sq.'s or strips aaargh. I re-fold (or maybe shove?) the rest of the pieces into the color stack and move on..look atall the lovely projects you have there!! Really nice .hugs, Julierose

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, don't cut it up. Like Julie said - you just might need the bigger piece in a project. I have a fabric food chain system from yardage right down to the tiny 1.5" square. But it is not about storing it - it is about using it.

sunny said...

I don't cut my scraps. I fold them into a small pile, and organize by color. I do a lot of applique, and wouldn't want to be restricted by squares or strips. I'm making Dresden plates for RSC this year, and wouldn't have been able to do it if my scraps had been cut. That being said, you've done a LOT with squares, and they're your scraps, so do what works for YOU!!

barbara woods said...

i am trying to clean up today to. I am going to cut what is to small to use some where into squares , making a good night Irene quilt right now on my other blog. finishing Shania's quilt on my main one. said...

I have squares, strips, dresdens, and tumblers. But if it is at least a fat 1/4 it gets folded and put on the shelf.