Friday, October 23, 2015

dont you just love the internet

FOOD  Crockpot freezer meal ravioli soup that everyone in your family will love

ravioli soup

I was surfing the quilt blogs like I always do while having my morning cuppa and I came across this recipe that a gal had posted. check out the link to her blog.
this looks soooooooo good. and soooooooo easy........

and it is one of those meals you can make ahead and freeze for those frantic nights when you need dinner quickly. (I am thinking Christmas shopping nights here)

I am sure I can tweak it for hubs. He can have carbs just not so many. with a smaller portion and a side salad I think that would do the trick.
love love love the internet..........  how the heck would I survive without it???

good food, great quilt ideas and the best blogging friends EVA!
what have YOU found on the internet lately?

2 comments: said...

Try the Busch's White Chicken Chili Soup recipe. It is awesome and easy, and didn't affect my Blood Sugar.

barbara woods said...

Its very hard to find some thing good and easy for supper every night for years ans years