Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I can plan all day but things dont go as planned.........

I had most of my vacation week planned
can a little
get my sewing room done
shut off water under mobile
call carpenter to get estimate to fix things
see grandkids
get haircut

most of those things have NOT happened
 and it is already WED
yesterday was in middle of my room
purging and going thru stuff
niece called
Auntie I have some potatoes and apples for you
and can we make more applesauce ?
sure. she came over at 6pm and we made applesauce and
jam till 1am
I am tired (I am an early riser no matter what)
but have TWO MORE 5 gallon buckets
FULL of apples
and they were drops so not like I can let them
sit for too long
so today
I will can some more...........

grandkids have hockey and stuff
so I wont get to see them.....
water didnt get shut off
it rained so I couldnt get things out of my shed
wah wah wah..........
ok I am done ranting.....
I walked outside to see
this pretty butterfly bush still
flowering and hanging in there.
so pretty

so having another cuppa
for energy

and dreaming of some gingerbread magic for this winter
with the nieces and grands

and then reality hits.......
thanks Dunkin for bringing me back to Earth! 
how is YOUR day going?


Carol said...

Every day I think I'm going to accomplish so much, but I usually end up looking like Dunkin and sitting around in a mess. Sounds like some yummy canning going on!

Julierose said...

I am always expecting to do things on my daily list--usually, if lucky, I can achieve one thing....the important thing is to enjoy...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

if i manage 1 hour of sewing i call it good and i am retired said...

Yeah around our house the last thing you want to do is let anyone know you have a day off. Your apples look yummy though.