Sunday, October 18, 2015

one of these things is not like the other..........

this is my niece when she was a little baby
all curled up in the interactive doll quilt I made her.
she LOVED that quilt to death
and would not let anyone, even her MOM
touch that quilt
dont wash it
dont touch it
dont look at it
is is HERS.LOL

this is her little guy
with his special money cake last birthday
he too loves handmade things
I am trying to sew up a little 
tv pillow for him
his Mom used to love hers too
has a stuffed head and arms and legs
and the body is a regular bed pillow
you flop on the floor with it to nap and or watch tv

seems like yesterday she was dragging hers around.......
I have some brown and black fur so am thinking a bear?
we will see........he secretly would love a deer
but I dont know if I could alter it with what I have on hand


barbara woods said...

I am thinking presents to, time is going fast said...

One of the grand daughters had a blanket I made her and no one could touch it, even to wash it was an ordeal.