Sunday, October 4, 2015

whats on your wish list?

Do you have a wish list? You know, one of those lists
 maybe you saw something on another blog
or on Pinterest (yes Collette I do go on occasionally **wink**)
and you want to make it?
so you save the photo inspiration

this was adorable and looks so easy

or maybe it is a wish "to do list"
like quilt this up for my nieces
quilts that they made when they were like ten
(they are now in their twenties and these would be 
cool for them to share with their kids)

or finish a quilt for YOU?
I could not part with this one
a gal where I worked suggested the red and black
color pallette and wanted to buy one
but she wanted a lap quilt for 20 bucks.
um yeah NO........LOL
I fell in love with it even though the colors dont go in my home
and need to get er done.......

I need to fix this one 
it is a family quilt I made for my mother inlaw
and she loved it to death
it has a tear I need to repair
then I think I will quilt it more heavily 
to protect it better

also on my list is my wish to do more canning

and quilt up 5 cat lap quilts

find this pattern and make some runners
I love the stars

and I need time to make more dishcloths
I lOVE these......

and make a Christmas quilt for ME

find a place on a wall to change out small season quilts
this one was made as a challenge with my 
previous landlord. we each made one
I hand quilted this one
she machine quilted hers
I used to hang it in my old apartment to 
decorate for the 4th and Memorial Day

I have a grandson who would LOVE this.........
it is on the list

and on my "bucket list" is to make a feathered star
my absolute favorite.........
(in my next life I guess)

and these look so cute and easy
I just dont have many solids in my stash

and my sons sporty family would love this to cuddle up 
on the couch

I would like to be able to throw more out
and make this bucket FULL
as you can see I only chuck slivers.
I need to be brave...........
(yes Jackie I will try and fill a trash bag full!)

and I need to get back to work on this quilt
I love it and the direction it is going

this is an inspiration for some hand work
I love applique
it is relaxing to me
(except for the stress of threading the dadgum needle with my
not so young eyes! ) LOL

and last on my wish list
can I look like this please?
oh well, can't have it all I guess


Julierose said...

My wish list for quilting is to do a hand pieced TAW-in small blocks using 2" squares (crazee!!) and to make up my Jan Patek kit for Natalie's Quilt--all appliqued baskets...and to make two Seasonal hangings--i have autumn and winter--needing spring and summer....I'd really like to look like that, too hahaha...and to have my back go back into place--hobbling on the foot threw it out i think...yikes--what a mess I am lately...but, still moving on.Oh and I LOVe that christmas quilt pattern--is it still available do you know?? hugs for a great Sunday of sewing..Julierose (the medical mess!!) said...

I have a small wish list I would just love to have some time to myself to sew. Oh and I am an enabler. Barbara is working on a Arkansas Crossroads/Goodnight Irene quilt now.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I don't need to find more to do - I want to finish up UFOs before the end of the year

barbara woods said...

i want to look like that to!! Ha or just to be younger but then i would have to work and not have time to sew.
My wish to get done before Christmas just keeps growing
Great enabler [Collette}.