Thursday, October 22, 2015

why do I make a mess

why is it we spend a ton of time cleaning up
and straightening out
only to mess it up again?
why can't I be like Felix Unger?
remember him?  Felix and Jack Klugman
one a neat freak and one a slob LOL
I would like to be more like Felix
and put things back neatly so that I had more time to SEW
and less time spent straightening out
just sayin............

while i had the squares out I sewed a few of these up
I am thinking for my Good night Irene quilt maybe
we will see
I have a good number of those 16 patch blocks to get started on
it but I have to refocus
for the holidays
and get things done as they are due

so Halloween will be among us
and Tues the 27th we have our Association meeting
I usually bake some goodies
and I still may
but I made up some little Halloween goodie bags
with 3 mini chocolate bars in each
I am thinking if the meeting doesnt go well
I will make em happy with chocolate! LOL

and bought two of these cats for decoration
this past weekend went with my quilty friend (Hi Jacky!)
to some craft fairs.
we had so much fun
a man was selling these real cheap
I was happy to scoff up two of them
and a snowman for later decorating
I had my eye on a pretty Christmas tree he did too
it was an older gentleman and his daughter and he was selling these for like a dollar a piece!
yeah  she said he made things to "stay outta trouble" LOL
he was selling lots of stuff as he was so cheap and they 
were so cute

so...........are you a 'neat quilter?" or are you a messer like me?
are creative minds "messy" by nature?
is it something I cant control?
(thats my story and I'm sticking to it)

3 comments: said...

I am a hot mess as hubby says. LOL Cute cat.

Julierose said...

In the midst of projects there is always a mess in my room! When it's neat there isn't anything going on
;--000 and that's just how it is--I mean, really, scrap quilting--the pieces are all over the place--has to be that way for me--hugs, from another messy gal Julierose

barbara woods said...

I am a messy one to.