Monday, November 30, 2015

I dont think I will ever tire of making these.......

I made up two more of these little guys
they are so fun to do
and I sure as heck have PLENTY of fabric to make all kinds
I kind of liked this combo of green and brown

and this one of green and brown and barn reds
Christmas but not if you know what I mean

I showed the backs of them a week ago........

as I readied them for a sewing spurt.......

and per a suggestion by this sweetie pie.......
her sister loved the one I made her last Christmas
and would LOVE more of them
for her table. (hint hint) LOL

my niece made this one for her Aunt
and her sister wanted it........
maybe another year of them is in order?
I will have to look for more blue snowflake fabric
and try and make one for January
how fun to send her one each month!
my own little "centerpiece of the month" club LOL
what have YOU been up to?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

another one bites the dust

while in my sewing room cleaning up I found some perfect blue
fabric for binding
so what is a gal to do?  
and once made, I already had the backing and batting cut and 
this was handquilted

so I trimmed it up and started binding it
finished up half of it on Saturday
and the rest of it this morning........

I think Dunkin approves.........
or at least likes to snuggle in it
he was wrapped in my feet the whole time
I was sewing the binding on. LOL

hmmmmm.......... one little test Mom........
yep! it passes the comfy test!

and the "I can make a circle bed out of it and Phoebe
cant get me" test

it is a small quilt.......good for the lap of someone in 
a wheelchair
or for the back of the couch to keep
the cats happy

it is mainly blue but with spurts of pink here and there
so would be a baby quilt for a girl I would think

this fabric is over 20 yrs old. It is in a quilt
I made for my brothers wedding gift
many years ago.
I tied it. it was the shoefly pattern in dark blues and white
and I tied it in navy thread
my now 23 year old niece used to love to 
pick at the ties when she was little
and on the quilt
it fascinated her LOL

here is the back. an old fashioned print that was in the stash
I love that fabric 
I am an old fashioned kind of gal

here she is all folded up nice

Thursday, November 26, 2015

its turkey day!

remember last Spring? yeah, THIS guy was eating birdseed
like no tomorrow
getting fattened up
but do you think he stuck around for 

hee hee   NOPE!   off he went into the wild blue yonder
looking for cute little turkey chicks
to get cozy with.........
he was a beauty though........
saved by the bell for sure!
Hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving turkey
and all the fixings......
we are having turkey,
stuffing, roasted brussel sprouts with onion and garlic,
squash, turnips and carrots, green beans 
then some sugar free apple or pumpkin pie

and hopefully while YOU are reading this,

Dunkin is pooped. he helped MOM peel the veggies and
get things ready

while Phoebe and Daddy rolled over and snoozed some more

Mom is done with the prep and is dreaming
of sugarplums, er um
nope quilts to make
this one keeps haunting me.........

I think I have enough of these
in all scraps
and I think something like blue stars
will tie them together?

and then there are the rainbow ones......
Do I try and make the stars flow from one
color to the other?
so many ideas in this head

and of course I had to write to Santa 
to see if Mrs Claus can whip one of these up for ME
(yeah I KNOW she will.....wink***)
or else I will get a note like last year saying
Dear Dawn. make one yourself as Mrs Claus and I
are very busy making toys for GOOD little girls and boys

hmmmmmm Did Santa Dis me?? was he saying I was not GOOD????

anywho...........this one is on the brain too.........

then reality struck!  yeah how many days to go????
and I have some of these to finish
and some shopping to do

and a purse to make for me

and matching accessories
(hey a girl has to do what she has to do right?)

and some of these are on my list...........

and what can I do with these? any ideas????
have yellow green and pink I think.......

and I never even started trying to make a pattern yet for these.

just shoot me now and get it over with!
I need a 72 hour day 
and some energizer bunnies to help me
to get it all done........

feeling overwhelmed but happy this holiday season.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family

Dont let me scare  you. just wanted you to see my purty
turkey pin
I am wearing it to work today

and to show you I HAVE made progress.......  this 
one is pinned....and part of the feathers sewn.....

this one has feathers sewn and round body sewn.
getting ready to see about feet and hat and
rest of body
(I think he will be pardoned from the table this year....)

and some "secret" sewing going on
this is the back side
ready to sew, flip and quilt

love these kites.......they are so cute
and make such a quick easy gift

and of course this guy was peeking under the door.
so I grabbed a plastic Easter egg and we tossed it back and 
forth for a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 
I am thankful for our health and friends and family
and yes, even our pain in the butt Dunkin
and Pheebes.

Hope you have a great day tomorrow
and have that extra piece of pie for me  :-)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

so many things on the to do list

gotta find some good sales on candy to make a tree for
work for the truck drivers to pick from as they get their tickets

gotta cut some kits to have a pillowcase sewing day........

gotta find these to sew up for me in this one!

gotta look in here and check my list
gotta find out whose naughty or nice.

before we see these.........snowflakes

that turn into this...........gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr

gotta get candy for the houses...........

gotta get Thanksgiving dinner behind us.
not sure if neighbor is coming or not........
so on hold for some of it.
with just hubs and I, we wouldnt get dessert......
I dont need it and he cant really have it

gotta pick some greens and make this

and pull these out from the shed 

and grab some warm scarfs.........brrrrrrr

see? I told ya it was cold! LOL

hey Mom.......let me in!
No Dunkin.........Mom is wrapping surprises and you cant see
you are a tattle tale and I wont have you
spoil the surprises!


and that is what is going on at this house.
how about at yours?