Saturday, November 14, 2015

I am still thinking of this turkey

I have this turkey in my head......
not sure why
I guess I like whimsical
to make me laugh

I love his hat
I love his shoes
and his expressive face


I am still working on mine

I have the background feathers hand stitched down
gotta get busy and get the body done

so I can give him a hat and shoes I think

machine is on the blink so the borders I may try and 
sew at my friends house
want to finish him up in time 
for the BIG day

4 comments: said...

I need to sit down and quilt mine. Maybe something to consider working on today. I like the big turkey too he has a great expression.

Julierose said...

Mine is still in my imagination...he is a stubborn old bird--just like someone else I know..hahaha lol Julierose

Jayne Honnold said...

He's a good-looking bird! You can do it! I will be watching for the finish!

barbara woods said...

i love mine , it's on the table waiting on Thanksgiving. need to work on my Christmas one