Monday, November 2, 2015

in Christmas mode

I know I know we have not had Thanksgiving yet.......
but my mind and waking moments are dedicated to Christmas these days
I need to get out the paper and boxes and list
and make sure I check my list twice

look for gingerbread houses...........
maybe take a picture from last year and make our cards from it

make a few more of these in Christmas fabrics
to have as quick gifts with a jar of jam
or a Yankee candle

make more jam..........
(what? I was TESTING it........for quality control, you know)

and draft out a pattern and make FIVE of these (One being a girl)
and then find some things to fill them
love love love these as I know a hockey family
who would also love them

much to do and not so much time left...........
see? when I was talking the Christmas word everyone goes ughhhhhhhhhhh
but it comes on quick!

what are YOU making that you can show?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Us adults no longer exchange gifts and I just have the 3 grands and I am the NaNa that gifts clothes (they get too many toys anyway).

barbara woods said...

i am making a lot of mine to, hard to write post when you want most of what you sew to be a supprise said...

I only buy for hubby, and the grandkids, and the young nieces and nephews anymore.