Sunday, November 1, 2015

time to make the donuts

that Jenny from Missouri see I used to think she was my FRIEND
until she began to enable me to the point that I was broke broke broke!

you see, she has on her site this attic windows quilt
using the deer panel above.........
and my brothers are all deer hunters (I know)
and one is making a cabin in Maine
where they will go hunting
so I got this panel from Jenny
to make that quilt for them to put in the cabin

and then she tempted me with THIS one too! 
good thing this one was not available at the time.
but I may have to peek back from time to time.......

it will be so cool to make these for the boys for Christmas gifts
I DO have that other deer fabric I got at the quilt show 
to make pillowcases for them too
that way the cabin will be cozy and right in style for the guys

IF I finish, and that is a BIG IF
I would like to make it for him for Christmas

of course my
Christmas Make it list is HUGE already!
you see my dilemma? 
I guess I better forgo some sleep.......


Julierose said...

Love that deer in the attic windows quilt--that Jenny is sure an enabler--have you seen her Layer Cake Turkey--that's the one i want to make....oops, sorry, now who's the enabler??? hugs, Julierose said...

Are you planning for Christmas for next year right?

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Oh, they will love it no matter when it gets done!

sewyouquilt2 said...

I think I just need a day or two to work on it the whole day. I think the secret is the cutting and keeping them in the right order

Patrica Dowell said...

Boy I was sure tempted as well but I managed to resist, for now. I wish my ambition matched my energy.

barbara woods said...

i sent off a order a week ago and have heard nothing, guess they are way behind