Sunday, November 8, 2015

warning cat cuteness

this was Phoebe BEFORE we had Dunkin
she was the Queen.......blissfully sleeping on the quilt
that was made for the nursing home that she chose to keep
every time I packed it she took it out of the box. I would rewash it and pack it again
and out it came again. after three times I got the message
SHE wanted this quilt and what our little girl wanted, she got LOL

look how happy she is
so content and not a care in the world

then this guy bounced on the scene
making MOM nuts by jumping into the fresh laundry
basket putting fur everywhere
just because he is cute

what Mom.....the floor is cold and I just wanted to get snuggly and warm

little showoff I have to watch my back

If I sleep in Moms bed with Dad, Dunkin won't DARE attack me
cause Daddy and I are close and Dunkin is MOM's little brat

yeah, he is CUTE ONLY WHEN SLEEPING.....................
love my furkids to pieces........


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love kitty cuddly cuteness!! said...

Awe Phoebe does not like being the big sister? They are both sweet though, especially while they are sleeping.