Monday, December 28, 2015

another stocking!

my sewing buddy must read my blog! LOL
she also filled a stocking for me.......
She MADE the stocking and it is beautiful
all homespun fabrics and so pretty

and look at all these goodies that were inside!
some cookies and candy
snowman decoration
snowman notepad
cherish the simple things sign (love it)
homemade new mugrug just for me out of blue tumblers!
homemade magnets for my fridge
and look at that ruler pincushion
made just for ME
love her!

I love love love homemade gifts
because I know they were made FOR ME
and they are a piece of the giver

how flipping cute is that pincushion!
I bet YOU want one don't cha...........
nope, it's MINE..........
I do cherish the simple things
and I LOVE my sewing buddy
thanks Jackie!

3 comments: said...

Oh those are so cute! I love the pincushion.

Charlene S said...

So many goodies! Handmade is the best.

barbara woods said...

these all are so cute! the pin cushion is to , i would never have though to make one like that