Wednesday, December 9, 2015

anyone ever grow avocados

nope this is not a meatball snack
this is an avocado seed that I am trying to root

I started it in July?
you are supposed to put toothpicks in
and suspend over water
which I have

the only thing that has happened is the water gets yuck
and it turned black

anyone ever grow an avocado from seed?
I hear it isnt easy

was wondering if this thing should be tossed


Julierose said...

I used to grow them all the time--you really have to use a little juice glass and "suspend" the pit so that only the very BOTTOM touches the water...I used three toothpicks and put it on my windowsill...
also I let the skin dry off first--(after its dry you can peel it off--the skin makes them rot!!). I would let that one dry out --maybe you can save it--or just stat a new one...good luck hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

never tried it so not help here