Sunday, December 27, 2015

anyone planning for next Christmas already?

this is a very cool woodburned deer. 
nope I didnt do it but wish I had
am thinking of a cool sign 
for my brothers cabin for next year

and remember these? yeah, they never happened
so maybe...........
we will see...............

and maybe my niece can gather some of these for me 
to make for my brothers cabin

the other brother now bought land in the same area
so I am thinking that some cabin crafts are in order for next year

Am I nuts? just getting over Christmas and already planning Christmas 2016?????

guess I better get a move on. Maybe just maybe I can FINISH all the projects I want 
for gifts.

How about YOU?
what are YOU working on?

I am cleaning out my sewing room.
(what? I just took a short pinterest break........
no such thing as a short pinterest break?
ok so I took a break. I am going back in there
I am. I am.........Maybe I will show my progress)

that room is a disaster and I need to make it workable.......


Charlene S said...

Yes indeed. I too am planning for next Christmas. I want to make pillowcase sets. One for each month based on the holiday for that month plus one for Mardi Gras and birthday.

Julierose said...

Yup! I want to make my own Christmas cards for 2016--we'll see how the art work comes along...hugs, Julierose P.S. My so-called sewing room now also has all that STUFF all over too!! said...

Yep I am right there with you. I have some snowmen to make, and maybe some stockings and ornaments. Maybe a table runner or two also. I want to be ahead of the game.

barbara woods said...

me to , i want to make that wreath that is on facebook

sunny said...

You betcha! I've already cross stitched one design for next year's gift box, and might start another in the next day or two. And I saw a quilted wreath that I want to make, and . . . . . Have to do it while I"m still inspired!