Monday, December 7, 2015

busy busy round here

I have been busy trying to find my little templates 
and corral them all into a basket to organize myself
(HUH what makes me think after all these years I can
stay organized in the sewing room?)

Dunkin is "helping"
and I will take it 
at least he is not getting into trouble LOL

I had wanted to make these but I fear I wont have time 
to do them this year
I am bumming.........they are SO adorable
but I have no pattern and would have to do one 
on my own and deal with issues

Phoebe is resting. after all she helped me wrap 
everything so far.
she LOVES it when I wrap
she runs to intercept the pieces of paper
I am tossing in the trash
Like a hockey goalie she blocks the trash can
It is funny until I have a ton to pick up!

As I clean I am trying to cut up small pieces into shapes and 
toss them into a container for a January day of sewing

and I stitch up a few here and there
(YES I am easily distracted)

more scraps I need to tame

Phoebe s stole the remote from Daddy
heck, he went to bed so she wants to see
when Rudolph comes on LOL

Dunkin is playin with the camera
trying to find his "best side"

Hmmm  I think THIS is how they do a selfie

me? I am just swooning over quilt projects
and I SHOULD be getting Christmas done!
went shopping last night but didnt
really find what I was looking for

yeah, distraction again. love love love love this
Did I say I love this pattern?
I think I would do it in all blues
since my stash has a majority of those colors

oops! another template to put away
hope you are getting more holiday tasks done than I am!

3 comments: said...

Dunkin's selfies are great, and every good little kittie girl and boy should watch Rudolph! I keep my little template like that right by my cutting area so if I have a piece I can cut, and then throw it into the tumbler basket.

Julierose said...

LOVE the selfies--just adorable--but then your kitties are so photogenic (Did they go to modeling classes?lol) hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

love all your pictures , i am way behind!!!!