Saturday, December 5, 2015

Here comes Santa Claus here comes Santa Claus right down Santa Claus Lane.....

When I was a child I lived on Millers Lane
we used to sing the song as "right down Millers Lane" LOL
we thought we were so clever to change the words to 
Here comes Santa Claus......
With so little time left (I KNOW I KNOW)
this is what we have accomplished here at this house
to prepare........
Some wreaths have been hung inside and out......

The small tree is up and some gifts are ready to go
(really they are there to keep the cats
away from the tree(
this is last years picture.
this year I am not putting the balls on it.
Just the lights as the cats have 
a field day and it is too much work
already in Dec so making less work for myself.

the gingerbreads have been purchased
(You didnt think I made them from scratch did you? 
we want to get to the Good part....decorating......faster)

some special gifts have been wrapped...

some have been purchased and are ready to wrap......
no Dunkin. this is NOT a lineup to see what YOU want....
doesnt it look like he is checking it out?

Some are wrapped and ready to go......

the outside is being spiffed up
(Do they even use that word today?  spruced up, spiffed up, prettied up
however you say it.........)

the cats have hunkered down.
is it tonight that the fat man comes and brings us
extra treats?
better shut my eyes real tight......

um no I need to see this guy and talk to him and tell him that
I want those new string treats for our new treat contraption
and I want a nice warm bed....maybe one with a 
heater to keep my backside warm
you know like heated seats?
and um maybe some new mice toys to play with
I love scaring Mom first thing when she gets up
by putting them in her path to the bathroom
such fun!

we have stocked up on coffee.......need coffee to 
keep on the faster pace that Dec brings.......

and Mom, maybe I should sleep with YOU
that way Santa will think I am a GOOD boy
what cha think??
Yes need all the help you can get.
Mom will get you some things
in case you "come up short" on Christmas day

How are your holiday decorating and plans coming along?

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barbara woods said...

I have my wreaths up, that's all!!!! Got to get busy