Sunday, December 27, 2015

my stocking was full

remember how hubs wanted stockings?
and I couldnt understand it?
well, I guess he just wanted the fun of filling
one for me. how sweet
not shown are the many losing lottery tickets
he bought LOL
but I have a new shower brush, candy, deodorant
coal (cause I have been bad?) LOL
and some of my favorite purfume.
thanks Santa!

um, Mom WE helped Dad pick out those things

yeah, you didnt think we would let him go SHOPPING BY HIMSELF
did ya????


Julierose said...

Oh what a nice surprise, Dawn--and you may have been a lil bit naughty (heh heh) but not bad, for sure!! I mean what's life without a little naughtiness??LOL
Love those pix of les girls...hugs, taking a blog break for a bit ...Julierose said...

Awe what a great bunch of gifts.

barbara woods said...

i love suprises , but we just got him a generator and me a sewing machine.