Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November where did you go?

I didnt accomplish as much in Nov as I had planned
I made two more kite centerpieces

they are so much fun........

bound this small quilt so now I can have it ready
for an opportunity to  gift

worked on this turkey

made raffle baskets for our Association party

helped niece with her Christmas gifts
(she is s sweetie- she called last night so we
can get together again to make 
those sock monkeys- love that girl!)

did a lot of retail therapy......
but this one is for ME

and played in the stash with no set goal
except to sew and play
this is a nice start to a baby quilt I think
I am thinking of adding some sort of 
pink blocks as the border
kind of a reverse of normal 
where the blocks are in the middle
just because I can........

what did you accomplish in November?


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

What is it about November that it seems to go so fast? Is it Halloween on the last day of October, then we seem to be barrelling toward Thanksgiving, Christmas and the end of the year? I think you did mighty good with your accomplishments.

barbara woods said...

lots of things you got done, we have all slowed down i think so the month just zipped by

Julierose said...

I think you got a lot DONE!! I have still been working on Steven's big quilt blocks, and my hand works...nothing finished--but then what else is new?? ;-0000 hugs, Julierose , the unfinished object queen