Saturday, January 30, 2016

pretty fans I told you about

this was the magazine I was making a quilt out of
yeah dont look close at the date    1992!

this is the setting they used to join the blocks
and they used 13 blocks

I made 14 blocks
but I guess I didnt want to add their setting
or something
not sure why it got stalled

this is one of my blocks.
 yep that is moire fabric for the circle.
maybe that was it. this fabric is all shiny polished cottons
and moire on top of muslin

I could set them like this I suppose..........what do you think Dunks?

OR I could make some huge circles out of them!
but I wouldnt have enough to make 4 circles

I could do a "funky" setting
like a sneaky snake
naw........I hate snakes

or I could do like a sunrise type setting

not sure what I am going to do
but first I will look in the stash and see 
if there is something that will look nice with it
I have NONE of ANY of the fabrics that are in the blocks
including that muslin
so this will be a challenge to get er done

Maybe if I copy their setting with a dark green
and a gold type color?
it can almost be a "christmas quilt"
what style setting do you like best?
theirs finishes at 80x80 and has plain muslin triangle edges. 
they used a 3 inch dark green sashing with 1 1/4 inches on each side of red

I dont even know if I have anything in the stash that will match
maybe that was the issue? I think black would look stunning

how gorgeous is this

I found this inspiration on quiltfabrication's blog
I have had it on my to do list ever since I saw the one 
Collette made 

I never thought about a Christmas one and I LOVE it

I love how the dark green and red are the same
from top to bottom and side to side

I better organize my stash really well
so that I can make 2016 a year of a lot of quilts!

Friday, January 29, 2016

off to a good start

January was a productive month for me considering
I was without a machine for a bit
but when I was gifted with one..........WATCH OUT! 
I made TWO valentine mugrugs........
one for me and one for my sewing buddy Jackie

I made organizers for my wall to hold
all those small things you keep losing
(and spend tons of time looking for
while losing interest in the project you were going to make LOL)

finished up the Mickey Mouse pair of panels

finished the top of the centerpiece of the month for niece
(gotta get that done and get Feb going)

almost finished the first deer top for my brothers

made some keychain gifts for the reunion

and made TWO pincushions

I think January was a pretty good month!
what have you made?

finding things and making things............

found these towels in my room
I think I was going to do some type of applique
and keep them for small gifts
will have to look thru some of my books for ideas

found a baggie with some of these in different stages
some bunny heads ready 

some on pencils ready to paint

some cut ready to sew

and some done already
these will be good for the reunion
if I take off the valentine candy
and add a different bow

this panel was gifted to me from Julie of julierosequilts
I originally was going to make zippy bags
but need to make something more fun
just not sure yet what they want to be
(at the moment they are not talking to me, you know how that goes right?)

and this guy is putting down his foot and saying
snap to it girl. make a decision and MAKE something already.......

Thursday, January 28, 2016

this is how I did the pincushion

this is my pincushion I made the other day while playing
a few of you expressed an interest so I will show you 
how I made mine
not technical by any means so if you are used to exact
you are in the wrong place!

I started with a 10 inch square.this will be the little flap color

and I pulled a bunch of scrap squares
I had 3 1/2 inch ones so I used as long as they cover the inside and overlap
on the outside you are good

iron your square in half both ways  
see the creases?

then iron up all the points into the middle

take these points

and iron them back up into the middle again

take 4 squares that you want for your peekaboo colors
and place them in the middle
here is where I trim them to fit

then take the flaps and put back over the squares into 
the middle again

stitch to hold just the centers 
half inch or less usually does the trick
do the same with the other two points

now the centers are anchored over the 4 squares
(I am impatient....... I folded over to see the peekaboo and how 
it looked hee hee)

next take 4 more squares and put them on the top
for the outside 4 colors
in the photo above the purple is outside and the beige and floral
were the peekaboo squares in the center

now fold over the edge of the main
fabric over the squares you just added and pin them down

I do all 4 to see if I want to move them around or not
once I am happy with the color placement 

i take to the machine and stitch down the folded piece
this anchors the square under it
and the peekaboo ones too

repeat for all 4 sewing all sides of the folded 
edges of the cathedral pattern

see from the back?
then trim off those triangles
(YES Jackie I DID sew the cutoffs into 2 half square triangle 
patches for another use LOL)

the front should now look like this...

sew a pretty button to the center
and then find a back and finish as normal stuffing with
whatever you prefer for your pincushions.

Hope it made sense!
now go make one and show me YOURS!
have a great day!

directions I followed for the pincushion

here is the link for the directions for the cathedral window pincushion.
it isnt as hard as you think. once you start doing it, you go OOOO I get it now! LOL
check it out!

tisket a tasket a little blue full basket LOL

this basket is little
a mini laundry basket type thing I got at dollar store for storage
see the size near my machine?
well lets take a lookie inside

oh a pink sewing machine mat to finish

surprise surprise a blue one too!

zip bags ready to go

red one



more red




and surprise again   lol another LIST
I guess hubs is right
I DO like to make lists LOL
at least he wont be lost when I am gone
I will have given him the directions LOL

lozenges quilt and some cut pieces

and this little snowman made for me by a small niece
who now has a little one of her own
bet she doesnt know I still have it LOL

those bags will make a nice addition to the box for the reunion
most of the work is already done
I should get em done!