Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 so far

We started out playing monopoly new Years eve
we had fun so I am hoping that means 2016 will be a fun year

I am busy organizing and packing up the Association
property to hand off to the new Treasurer
She has no finance background so
wanted to make her a tutorial of some sort
to help her do the job correctly
the three of us in the photo above ended our terms Dec 31

Dunkin is wondering what Mom is doing again in the sewing room

and helping for a bit to organize scraps for me 
when I let him in

Phoebe is being a good girl and looking cute
love her...<3

trying to get dinner to be a healthy one
but easy to cook while I multitask

and found some UFOs of another kind that need attention
I had better get these done 
and put them in the Christmas box
this is a multicolor blue knitted scarf
I am also working on a green rib knit one
that has enough yarn for a matching hat
or fingerless mits
How is 2016 going for you?


Charlene S said...

Looks like you are having a great time in 2016, said...

Awe you look like you have some fun stuff going on! I agree 2016 should be the year of fun.

barbara woods said...

i haven't started Christmas thing,s for next year yet. just getting things put up! hate to take down my big tree but have everything else put up so tomorrow it goes!