Wednesday, January 27, 2016

a possibility with the rest of the blocks?

remember these blocks?
yeah you know  the ones

I went CRAZY making them after Sharon of vroomansquilts
so generously donated them to me already cut

what is it about other peoples stash
that gets you going?
I think I found out when I organized mine

mine is blue and BORING
look at those luscious colors in hers
WARM colors that pop

and I keep seeing this too
looks like 4 patches and a white piece with corners
for sashing and borders
I may be able to do this
not sure if that gray would make a good background 
for this or not
with dark blue points maybe?
or do you think multicolored points?

what would you do?


barbara woods said...

points are hard for me, don't know about you , wish you luck said...

I think a warm sunny yellow. Something outside of your comfort level.