Thursday, January 7, 2016

another UFO

I found the small beginnings of a lozenge quilt
did anyone else do this with Bonnie Hunter?

I had put greens and blues in a bin
and had started with some to see how it would look
I am unsure if the little end pieces 
will look good just light and dark
or if I needed a constant throughout the quilt

I think that is why I stopped
I need to make a listing of those quilts in progress
and see which ones are closest to completion
then make a flimsy and move on

some may end up differently than 
originally planned
but isnt that part of the creative process?
Do you revisit YOUR UFO's?
Come on, fess up.
I KNOW you have em!


Julierose said...

Mostly they languish on hangers or in boxes---I have decided that working on only one big quilt at a time or machine project is my "thing" for this year. One at a time, repeat, one at a time lol I like the relaxing attitude I get when I have done one thing each day on a project instead of rushing around to do 5 or 6 (like last year!!) sigh--it won't make for such interesting posts, but this is supposed to be F U N ! Right??
So today I sewed up the center of the backing on Steven's quilt--and DONE, FINITO!! Off to do other crafty stuff...
hugs, Julierose p.s. I like your lozenges a lot (I shoved mine in a drawer--I don't like how they came out...

barbara woods said...

most of mine are gifts like your christmas projects are so they are waiting for them, can't put them into a drawer. said...

I put mine in sweater boxes, with the pattern that way I keep track of them. The little lozenge start doesn't count. :D