Friday, January 22, 2016

anyone else a list maker?

Dont know where I got this from or why
but I am a list maker
I make lists of to do things
a list for groceries
a menu for the week
a list of projects completed
(maybe I need to see a specialist LOL)
anywho, I was going to start the 365 circle quilt
Jan 1st
then my "list self" said well how big would that quilt be
so I tried to figure out what would divide into it
evenly or how many rows and how many in a row
then how big a quilt I would get using my many charm packs

my brain started hurting so I decided not to make one

my first idea was to jump on the bandwagon and make
one as I love seeing everyones circles
BUT I dont think I want to make a huge
quilt like that
and I didnt want to make tiny
blocks so I scratched it
for now

BUT  did you see?
Mickey I can scratch off the list!
I was making a list in Dec of what I wanted to do in 2016
some are just to get them done
some are for gifts for 2016
some are for our upcoming reunion in July
and some are for ME
yep! how many times do you make stuff and give it all away?
Do I have a quilt? nope

so with Dunkins help.......... I better ask Phoebe
I can hopefully check off a lot of the list
this year
we will see
so far not bad........I have worked my way
through the projects I came across and either moved them along
or finished them into something useful
Do You make lists?

4 comments: said...

I make lists sometimes, but others I just wing it.

Julierose said...

I always am making lists--then i either misplace (uh..lose!!) them or forget to pull them out in the grocery store....but i still like listing every day in my journal and then checking off what I've done....hugs stay safe and warm...Julierose

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

The problem is that once I make the list I feel as if I've completed the task!! Kind of defeats the purpose don't you think?

barbara woods said...

I have to have list for grocery's or i would forget some thing , but some times i forget my list