Thursday, January 21, 2016

brought this little baby to work

it is cold at work opening and shutting the window.
the trucks need a weight ticket 
so I open the window and hand them out to them

when it is cold, it is hard to get rid of the chill

so I brought this to work so that I can put it on my lap
I also have my fingerless mittens

can you say "fashionista"? LOL

If you could only see me..........

naw never mind. I would not want that memory
to live in your head for long ha ha

feeling chilly here in the snow........Oh 
did I mention we got snow?
and very cold............


Julierose said...

Oh great idea--quilting IS SO functional--my DH thinks it's just about buying fabric--uh well, let's not go down that road...stay cozy--hugs, Julierose said...

Good idea. They used to make fun of me at work because I would wear fingerless gloves to type and file, and all that fun stuff.

barbara woods said...

some to keep you warm and work on. great idea