Saturday, January 23, 2016

decisions decisions...........

if you had a piece of fabric like this what would you do with it?
I originally was going to make an ornament
BUT this thing is about 8 inches or more tall
yeah I KNOW
too big for an ornament on the tree

so I then had pulled ornament kind of images
and was thinking of making some kind of advent calender
too much work to figure it all out and not even know
who it would go to.

patience..............not one of my strong points........

as I pondered, I was thinking about cookies..........
nope if I eat them I will pay later

In the form of exercise to get rid of them from the belly section
that didnt sound like fun at all
so I nixed the cookies...........

but can I have a drink? LOL


Julierose said...

Definitely!! I would use the little tree (so cute) as the center panel surrounded by either nine patches or just scrappy squares in Christmas colors--maybe golds, silvers?? Kind of medallion style...and then if you wanted to add pins or embroidery it would work....just my idea hugs, Julierose said...

Cute tree, but a wee bit big. You could always applique it on something a wee bit larger, then add to it from there. Someone showed an advent calendar the other day where they used covered buttons that they had embroidered as the different days, but you could always use pretty buttons too with snaps.

barbara woods said...

love that tree, maybe part of a Christmas runner