Monday, January 25, 2016

I need to finish this beauty

I should not show my OLD UFOs on here but I will "fess up"
I started this quilt in a class in high school
Did I just say HIGH SCHOOL?
yep, in 1977 there was a quilting class
(1976 was the 200 yr birthday of the country and revival of
a lot of old ideas and ways)
so we had this class and you quilted by hand with templates back then

yeah see? I was going to turn this into a friendship quilt
as well
(overachiever that I was LOL)

any who, friends and family alike signed the quilt and 
some embroidered their signatures

I LOVE this elephant block from my Aunt Jo
the one that just passed away last year
I miss her
she and I were both creative spirits
(I still need an elephant in my garden 
to represent her)

my MOM did this one.......yep you read right  1978!

Do I win a prize for the oldest UFO???

I guess I was a listmaker back then too
good thing so I now know what the plan was for this quilt

here are the templates
I had to laugh
out of cardboard with polish or something on the edges to help preserve them longer
and what is this? a ribbon?

I got first place at the Art show even though it wasnt done!
(the rest of the class made lame LOL)
anywho, it is fun to go back in time
with this one
but also time to get it out
and get it going again

templates LOL

and pieces cut, some parts hand sewn, and some fabric still ready to cut
Talk about a TIME CAPSULE

I REALLY need to get this one done
I am thinking it will be a slow project for those handstitching moments
How old is your oldest UFO?
inquiring minds want to know ha ha


Julierose said...

this is so neat!! Love the signatures..I remember that fabric!! (Yikes--i am an old UFO myself lol). Great piece--those templates are just like the first ones i used, too...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

only four years thats when i started quilting. said...

Oh, oh I have one older than that. I have one from 1974! I found it recently in a box. It has !GASP! polyester in it.

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

I'm working on my oldest UFO (I think) right now from 1988! It's a mess but I'm determined to finish it as part of the quilting record so to speak! Your's really will be wonderful so keep at it.