Thursday, January 14, 2016

meet Miss Fancy Pfaff

Meet Fancy Pfaff
I call her Fancy because of all those stitches
I have always had a plain Jane machine
that zigs and straight stitches
it will be fun playing with them all
she is so sweet

while the other machine was on the fritz I was able to 
cut cut cut up those pieces of fabrics
and I have a small tub full
of tumblers for my tumbler quilt

I pulled out some red and pink valentiny ones
and sewed to get to know Miss Fancy
she sews nice and smooth and I am happy
to report we get along just fine!

see? I sewed and sewed some tumblers..........
to make a couple of Valentine mug rugs

and then grabbed lights and darks and sewed some more tumblers
until I had 2 x 2
then 4 x 4
then 8x8  and I think I will stop there
so that I can have variety in the finished quilt
I love it!
mindless sewing at last! I needed that!

Here is where Miss Fancy sits
in front of my 221 that is stubborn and refuses to play nice
and the Janome that is waiting for the Gracie Frame to be put into place
that blank wall I want to make some embroidery hoop pockets
to hang with Command hangers
that will hold little things
like small scissors
small templates
etc up out of the way and within easy reach to use
FINALLY my sewing room is starting to look like a room and 
not a storage space
lots more to do but so far I like what I see
do you like Miss Fancy?


Julierose said...

Love her! that dual feed foot is amazing, you'll find. I have my old Varimatic--which is definitely going to the sewing machine hospital when I can get out. Have fun --your tumblers will be so neat!! hugs, Julierose said...

Sweet machine. You need some plain muslin to make a stitch bible so you can run her through all of her paces.

barbara woods said...

love your new to you machine! have fun playing