Wednesday, January 20, 2016

more small projects in the works

I found this little scrap of "made fabric" or "dump quilting" or
whatever you want to call it
so I then rummaged through the batting pieces
and found a small scrap of backing fabric
then quilted it into two little pieces
this one an organic line quiltling

and this one I quilted from the outside into the center in
one long line

I think they will make cute mug rugs
so now I just need to keep my eyes pealed for
an appropriate binding
that will go with both sides

But as I was sewing I was thinking about things......
if I used those TINY pieces and made TWO mug rugs
How much fabric do you think is on this shelf?
(and this is just the tip of the iceburg)
yeah and Look at the color selection
some colors missing  you think?
I KNOW I like blues and greens and purples
just didnt realize how much

yeah. SEE? BLUE...........
guess I better make a blue quilt soon!

1 comment: said...

You have a lot of blue, and purple. You need some reds, pinks and yellows!