Saturday, January 9, 2016

planning ......

found this little cutie on the internet somewhere. I apologize to the person
as I didn't record where I found it.
but whoever you are, you are a genious

I usually am a visual person so I save
ideas that I like or want to make

I think this may be able to keep me focused and on track
(yeah good luck with THAT)

I can see this as a neat Christmas gift for the gals at work
(we have cubicles it could be hung on)
I can see this in my sewing room
with my immediate goals and a few for

the little corners hold in your 3 x 3 note for the day
Once you accomplish the task, ditch the note
and move on

How clever!
It just lists the days of week so that it can be used
for a two week period

DEFINITELY on my to do list for 2016

I have my bedroom windows done with plastic
and as insulated for now as we can be-
(while doing them a beautiful doe tramped through the yard. she 
stopped to look at me to see what I was doing.
she was a beauty and about 5 feet away from me.
I think she approved- then off to the woods she went. if she knows
what is good for her she better not be eyeballing my blueberry bushes-
can you say "venison"? lol)

I have to get that water heater blanket
and find someone to put it on for us
our heater is outside of the house
and up over a hip length
I cant get in there and hubs cant either
where it is, there is not much insulation
and last year the weather got under
zero quite a few times

wish me luck to find a victim
er um I mean friend that can help us
(I heard you say I was beyond help! I did. LOL)


sunny said...

That little calendar is awesome! said...

Cute calendar. Hope you find someone to help.