Saturday, January 30, 2016

pretty fans I told you about

this was the magazine I was making a quilt out of
yeah dont look close at the date    1992!

this is the setting they used to join the blocks
and they used 13 blocks

I made 14 blocks
but I guess I didnt want to add their setting
or something
not sure why it got stalled

this is one of my blocks.
 yep that is moire fabric for the circle.
maybe that was it. this fabric is all shiny polished cottons
and moire on top of muslin

I could set them like this I suppose..........what do you think Dunks?

OR I could make some huge circles out of them!
but I wouldnt have enough to make 4 circles

I could do a "funky" setting
like a sneaky snake
naw........I hate snakes

or I could do like a sunrise type setting

not sure what I am going to do
but first I will look in the stash and see 
if there is something that will look nice with it
I have NONE of ANY of the fabrics that are in the blocks
including that muslin
so this will be a challenge to get er done

Maybe if I copy their setting with a dark green
and a gold type color?
it can almost be a "christmas quilt"
what style setting do you like best?
theirs finishes at 80x80 and has plain muslin triangle edges. 
they used a 3 inch dark green sashing with 1 1/4 inches on each side of red

I dont even know if I have anything in the stash that will match
maybe that was the issue? I think black would look stunning

3 comments: said...

I love the setting in the magazine. It is stunning I agree.

barbara woods said...

a great Christmas quilt

Dasha said...

I actually like the setting on the magazine cover. And the snaky one. Black would look stunning for sashing. Perhaps one of those blacks which have a pattern in gold? What size do you want it to be? If you wanted it smaller, you could just do one sashing instead of the pieced one to make it narrower.