Friday, January 8, 2016

seed catalogs

at this time of year they tempt us with seed and plant catalogs
at least they tempt me
I guess that Collette is on their list too!
she was saying the same thing the other day

makes me think of my garden and sunny days
but alas
we had a snow flurry yesterday

so that means no garden for at least a few months
I just hope that it doesnt snow like last year around here

believe it or not this picture was taken April 2nd
yep still TONS of snow on the ground

and now that the weather is colder they have me going in to 
work earlier
what is wrong with this picture?
I have a 6 am start three days this week
and I will be the only one there until the loader gets there
fun fun
do you know how dark it is at 6 am?

the loader cant even see to load the trucks.

anywho, lots of cleaning and organizing and
getting ready for winter going on round here.
hopefully that means when the snow flies I can be 
inside my room comfy and cozy 
happily sewing while watching the snow fall


barbara woods said...

We got some right after Christmas, been moving things around in my sewing room today to said...

I was dreaming of gardens until today. Rain turning to ice, high winds from the north, and then about an inch of snow fell. UGH!