Sunday, January 24, 2016

this and that

here is a list from my completed projects
see? I wasnt kidding
If I could STOP making LISTS
and start sewing maybe I would get a lot more done in here
you think?

these little chapstick holders are "on the list" for the 
reunion for little trinkets when they win 
at playing games
I want to have a box of little things
that they can pick from
just for fun
it won't cost much
and will make people smile

love how cute these guys are
wonder if I have enough solids to make one
I love this for an Easter Mug rug
for ME
yep ME
(did I say it was for ME????)

and gotta find all the parts to this one
and get more of the border finished
it may make it large enough
and this is another one for ME
Love this little experiment with a wayward block
It made me grow as a quilter to think outside
the box and take a blue and pink block
and make it a not pink and blue quilt

and these I want to make for a cute niece.
she loved her Christmas one
and was jealous of the Aunt that got one for each month
I gotta get crackin
and send her a surprise in the mail

this guy like to "iron creases in my curtains"
yeah, who does that?
does he look comfy?
lucky he is cute!

and this is a rare occurance
they must have been too tired to notice the other one was there
they NEVER sleep together
Dunkin likes to kick Pheebes out wherever she is
I HAD to get this on the camera
hubs won't believe it!

2 comments: said...

The hardest part is the first step. Sometimes we worry so much about what to do that we don't do.

barbara woods said...

i haven't been in the mood lately because i have two quilt to quilt and the machine is acting up