Monday, February 29, 2016

gypsys tramps and thieves you hear it from the people of the town they call them.....

Are you singing Julie???? LOL
my friend Julie of julierosequilts
sent me this booklet in the mail.
for the Gypsy wife quilt
I had never heard of it, have you?
Well, it is scrappy and right up my alley!
Thanks SO SO much Julie!
I am thinking of making one in all blues.......
but gotta get this reunion stuff  done first
stay tuned.......

I made a couple more of these.
they are so much fun to do
and once you pick out the fabrics the rest is easier-
ran out of a couple bobbins as I was sewing
dont you just hate that?
my friend who gave me Miss Fancy Pfaff
had purchased a ton of bobbins for her
so I sat and filled about ten of them

and another one was made.......
what fun are YOU having in the fabric stash?

Sunday, February 28, 2016

oh my I am in love..........

I took a nap yesterday afternoon as I was feeling ugh and cold
so I slept till about 6 pm!

you KNOW what that means!
I didnt sleep well last night

what is a gal to do when she is up.......
and her sewing room is at the other end of the house
and her fabric is calling.......

why SEW of course

what to sew.........hmmmm.......
I still had a bunch of charms all over the place so pulled a blue
and a light background and figured I would "try out" 
the letters to see if they are going to be difficult

OH MY.........
once I made the W
I HAD to make the H
then the A
and T has to be easy , right?

I had to "step away from the machine"
as I need groceries in this house!!!!!

if you too would like to have this much fun

all of the patterns to cut are there.
these finish around 4 inches
so be warned
some of the pieces are TINY

some of you THROW that size away!
(now I bet you wish you didn't, huh)

just need the letters for reunion next 
(and the O is already done hee hee)
and then I can figure out a way
to make the back of that quilt
I am loving it so far!

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and Beth at love laugh quilt

Saturday, February 27, 2016

February finishes

February was  a month of not many finishes but I did make
lots of progress on some things
some not quilty  
this top was finished and is now ready
for me to try out sewing the Temecula letters
to say 
WHAT REUNION on the back......
then it will be used for a gift for the oldest person attending

some small mugrugs were made from scraps
and put into the gift box

some UFO blocks were bordered and quilted and are ready
for a binding day to finish them all up
these will be centerpieces for prizes when 
the adults play games at the reunion

more of these have been made and given away
and more are in process

and this project is almost up to date
I guess with less days in the month I should be thankful of 
all that got accomplished........
especially since we also had the bedroom ceiling
torn down and bedroom painted
and all the dust and crud that comes with it

next on to the windows and floors.........
I also bought a patio set and spent time
looking for cushions as well

so I will take those small little accomplishments
and move on to March!
how did YOU do in February?

tattoos and other things

found these kiddo tattoos
at the grocery store of all places
but they are gonna LOVE them
they look almost like real tattoos
and I think that will be the draw
will get more next week and that should 
be enough as you cut them apart
will let everyone have one first
then if more leftover will let them
get more

love it! 

here is my piggy bank pattern
for the felt or fleece piggy banks
we will see how they come out

and Jackie, DONT LOOK.......LOL
(she gets so mad when I dont THROW little pieces OUT)
I think that is why she keeps gifting me with fabric
and I keep using up teeny tiny pieces hee hee
this is a piece I just grabbed and sewed 
after cutting my circles from a 5 inch square

and so you can see how tiny they are.........
they sew up between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch wide
I am thinking of collecting a bunch of these
and making one of those "birch tree quilts"
where they slit the square and insert a strip then slit at 
another angle and sew another etc till you have three
per block
then sew the blocks together
pretty quilt
with little thinking
I like that kind
it will be kind of a leader ender thing

and do you know what THIS is?
this is the ingredients for some "wish bracelets"
 I need them for prizes too
I will get those snack size zip bags
and put them in one
with the "directions" to make your daily wish
lots going on round here..........

Friday, February 26, 2016

365 almost caught up

I am getting more and more excited about this quilt
LOVE it!
this morning I spent about an hour in my sewing room
yeah I know- BEFORE work hee hee

this last row is the Feb 14-20th

see? Valentines hearts for the 14th.........  a rainy patch 
the 16th 
(isnt that a great rainy patch? that fabric was PERFECT)

and the 18th is sons birthday
and he loves sports
notice the 81 on his shirt? LOL
kinda funny that it is 18 backwards
and he is blonde too so a fun circle

and since I had time to spare........
I chain pieced those 3 1/2 x 9 inch pieces into beginnings of
chapstick keychains.
yeah, I am CRAZY like that!
but that means these are almost ready for the reunion box

patio set

this is a picture from the store
of the patio set I got
I got it without cushions
for 240
I thought that was a steal!
I was thinking of putting blue or green cushions on it and putting
it in my screened in porch
but now that I see the red I am not sure
I kind of like the red too!
(**update** I bought the red cushions for the bottom. the tops 
I will make some throw pillows I think and matching
runner for the table)

 I am SO SO happy! I was dancing in the store!!!!
hubs is not thrilled......he doesnt like the wicker look
they are resin so sturdy and heavy so wont tip etc
I think it is a win win and when they are up and out there set
up nicely I think he will change his mind
in the meantime they had a pretty white rocking chair for 49 that I may
go get for him...........
maybe that will make him happy

and fabric too..........

she even cut out a cute elephant doll diaper

and these four will become flag placemats

flannel kids prints
crayon rolls?  piggy banks? doll diapers?

my friend also gave me all this fabric to make things
for the reunion
flannels and cute fabs
for diapers and maybe
piggy banks

camo for mens keychains........

owls........WHO>.......doesnt like owls?

did I tell you that YOU are NOT getting my friend?
NO WAY NO HOW.............
and her name is NOT Jackie
Just sayin........

Thursday, February 25, 2016

and then there is more.....

Jackie also made me some potholders
a set of one mitt and two potholders
in a fun cow fabric
all lined in thinsulbrite

and she also made some bibs and matching burp cloths
for the prize for the youngest one there
how cool is she?  we should adopt her into our family, you think????
thanks AGAIN Jackie.....
love ya!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

just a little help from my friends.......

MORE fun stuff from my friend Jackie
I just LOVE these
for little prizes for the kiddos

this little guy is so cute. not sure why I am drawn to him
but I am......

AND she made a doll quilt and matching bag
(Did I tell you she is the BEST friend EVA???)

how sweet is this?
some little girl is gonna LOVE it!

more reunion stuff

my niece came over to learn to crochet
and solve a quilting problem she had
AND she donated a TON of these candles
they are gel candles that came from Marthas Vineyard
her Aunt used to have a store there
that closed
and she gave these to the girls to sell for themselves
the girls decided to donate them instead to our reunion prizes
(did I tell you I have THE BEST Nieces EVER?)  
I DO I DO I DO.........
they are so pretty with seashells in them and nice gel scents

THEN my friend gave me this......
anyone know what it is?
it is made of flannel and a pretty fabric

It is a fabric doll diaper
and she gave me the pattern too! 
and a TON of flannel to make some
love my friend.........<3
thanks Jackie!  you are the best too!
guess I better get busy.....

Monday, February 22, 2016

what a difference a few days makes....

this WAS our bedroom.
ceiling a mess from last years winter from hell.........
these panels over the bed were falling on us!
walls a dark paneling- original on this house

see? ice dam damage.

and now behind the door.........beautiful
they just need to add the trim at the top
after painting it white

it is a gray color
not as light as it shows
but not dark either
(oops got the bathroom door open......LOL)

it is a hard color to photograph

any who..........
this picture has the floor similar to what we are getting
old weathered barnwood in gray tones

and I LOVED the fact that it is bright
and airy!
with just a POP of turquoise
so I ordered this bedding set LOL
dont tell hubs
it is arriving next week.........

then it will be on to new shades, and curtains
and light plates

do you know that in mobile homes they have stupid lightswitch plates?
yes they do! You cant find them anywhere!
they are like a double plate but one side is blank
hubs wants to throw these out
I want to clean them up and paint them
so I hid them
it is NUTS.........
went to THREE stores, electrical one, Home Depot
and Lowes
NOBODY has them or can order them
I cant make the hole smaller so what the heck
are you supposed to do to change them?

done and gifted

started playing in the stash again
for a pink and blue pincushion
the pink looks
almost orangy beside some of the others

funny how when you play with colors like this
you find out things like
orangy pink
who knew?

but I like it 
and it has already been gifted to someone

another one bites the dust........
sing with me Julie


Sunday, February 21, 2016

daydreaming about summer and flowers

this came in the mail
yep I fell for the ads
that promise beautiful gardens and flowers
isnt this gorgeous?
I am thinking of planting it on my patio area
where we cook out
so so pretty for a spot of color
but I dont think impatiens likes
full sun
so may have to rethink where this goes
I just LOVE the tower of color

and you can plant anything in there
they show other flower ideas too
this is just the tower and they show how to assemble, plant and then water
and fertilize from the top
cant wait to see my little flowers this summer..........

Saturday, February 20, 2016

into the box you go my pretties

one little mugrug out of bits and pieces sewn-
into the box you go for a quick little gift

and I layered and quilted this topper
very simply
diagonal rows to make x's
in the center block
then one row in the center of the borders

photographing quilting is hard work LOL
but I think you can see what I did

and this is the backing fabric that was in the stash
I think it was my Moms fabric
and she has been gone since 1989
loving this little blue topper

linking up to  /oh-scrap

the mug rug was bits and pieces I could not bear to throw away (why?)
and the table topper is a UFO block I added a border to and quilted up
now to find binding fabric and done!

Friday, February 19, 2016

its a flimsy and I like it

this quilt is FINALLY a flimsy. all I needed to do
was sew on the two side borders

the main issue was with the fabric
there were defects running through the center of the fabric

so I just cut 5 inch borders out of the outer edges

it is funny because I had like
about 5 yards of the stuff
a lot from the center was thrown out

but that is what  stalled
this little project

Dunkin is checking out my seams
and letting  me know if I need
to do better next time
(sorry I did not iron it yet)

I would like to find those "letter quilts"
and make the back to say
"what reunion?"

wouldnt that be a fun gift for the oldest
at the reunion? a lap quilt
that states they don't remember being at
a reunion?

I need to sew up a baby bib set for the youngest
as well

onto the next project..........