Monday, February 1, 2016

auditioning sashing

pulled these fabrics from my stash

have the most of this one. figures. I need the least of it LOL

I kind of like the dark green but I dont think I have more than a yard
and I need 3 1/2 yds

this one has the shiny gold like the fabrics in the fans
but again, I only have a small yard if that

this creamy fabric would do for the side triangles
it would frame the center which is ok

not too sure what I am going to do
not crazy about this

or this

guess it's back to the drawing board..........
maybe I should just sew them together without
and put something in between as alternate squares........

2 comments: said...

Always the enabler I say a fabric stash enhancement trip is called for.

barbara woods said...

go shopping, that's what i want to do but it's warmed up and Tommy wants to work outside.