Sunday, February 7, 2016

do you have enough greens?

I think that the green tumblers in all shades
go nicely with this one.
what do you think?

I am learning so much by visiting my UFOs this way

1) Bonnie Hunter is right-dont be afraid to cut up the 
stash and use it - when it is already cut
it is quick work to sew up and get er done

2) I do NOT need to buy anymore fabric-
I REPEAT....I DO NOT need to buy anymore fabric
I am finding that pieces I would not normally
choose, make good choices
this little green topper has everything in it
from homespun to florals to batik
and I LOVE it!
I also love that I have NO MORE of that batik, I 
used up a block that was just sitting, I used up a 10 inch square 
I wasnt liking
I used up some of my many tumblers

3) size is important an extent
even seams and trimming up help 
to keep things in line
BUT...........if my runner is 14 2/3 inches
instead of say 15 who cares? unless it is fitting
into something and HAS to be that measurement
then it is no biggie..........
(whew! I used to really sweat that one)

4) I can look at problems with why I didnt finish
a project and then try and solve it in a different way
this little block was a "test" for a green wreath type block
well, when you sew at 4am and are not running on all 6 cylinders.........
little blue fans look green LOL
so I ended up ditching the project
(you know, I threw my own little hissy fit against the block!
SO THERE block. you sit and THINK about why you didnt work!)
then I found it again and said you know what?
it still is a cute little block and I need to do something with it

so grab a block you threw aside
look at it with new eyes
grab some fabrics you would NEVER pair with it
and see if something wonderful happens.......
this quilting stuff sure is fun!


Julierose said...

Oh you are so right--I have a whole big DRAWER full of discarded pieces--I am going to make us some little things--including some dolly quilts for my grandgirls--they don't care if it's not perfect hah hugs glad you are enjoying sewing so much hugs, Julierose

Julierose said...

P.S> i love how the green tumblers came out--really nice work... said...

Oh that turned out fabulous. I love the batik. I have used it in several quilts (ok not quilts table runner)

barbara woods said...

it looks great, love it. I made my daughter a pillow with a block that i made that was to big

Charlene S said...

I am also learning new things by looking at my UFO. 1) I have more than I realized. 2) More fabric except solids are not in my future. 3) Just use it.

krislovesfabric said...

Love that batik border :)

Nann said...

Your reasoning is right on target! Shopping my stash jump-starts my creativity. I see fabric combinations that I hadn't considered. In fact, it can be a good exercise to pull fabrics, not for a specific project, but just to create a palette. I do like your "table setting" WIP, with the plate in the center and the tumblers around the side.

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

Something wonderful did happen and it turned out great! I hardly ever sew a project to a pre-set size I guess it's just the rebel in me. I figure it will be what ever size it finally turn out so I'm with you on that one.

beth s said...

Good advice. ;) I'm working on the "don't buy any more fabric" I DO have enough. ;)