Saturday, February 27, 2016

February finishes

February was  a month of not many finishes but I did make
lots of progress on some things
some not quilty  
this top was finished and is now ready
for me to try out sewing the Temecula letters
to say 
WHAT REUNION on the back......
then it will be used for a gift for the oldest person attending

some small mugrugs were made from scraps
and put into the gift box

some UFO blocks were bordered and quilted and are ready
for a binding day to finish them all up
these will be centerpieces for prizes when 
the adults play games at the reunion

more of these have been made and given away
and more are in process

and this project is almost up to date
I guess with less days in the month I should be thankful of 
all that got accomplished........
especially since we also had the bedroom ceiling
torn down and bedroom painted
and all the dust and crud that comes with it

next on to the windows and floors.........
I also bought a patio set and spent time
looking for cushions as well

so I will take those small little accomplishments
and move on to March!
how did YOU do in February?

2 comments: said...

Good progress, but this is a leap year and I refuse to lose my extra day!

barbara woods said...

you got a lot done, love your outdoor set