Tuesday, February 16, 2016

good thing I like chocolates and cookies LOL

Its a good thing I like chocolates and cookies
because some of them come in these adorable tins
hey who doesnt like Christmas year round?
anywho, I use this tin to store my sewn tumblers
it is stuffed full with sections of 8 tumblers.
I sew 2 then 4 then 8s;

see? a ton of them in that little tin
some not ironed..........

some pressed a little..........

but when I put them together in a light dark set
I think I LOVE them more than chocolate!
Is that possible????
I need to make a ton more of them but 
I am loving these so far
when I am in between projects or just want
to get in my sewing fix
I grab my bin full of them

pick out a light and dark
and put the pedal to the metal
I am surprised that I have so many warm colors in there
a lot of the scraps were gifted to me, maybe that is why
I am not complaining as I am very happy with the scrappy outcome
of course it will look different when I get sewing the other colors in there
I am kind of just sewing them as they come
and that is why I keep the 8 rule for now
once I move to a larger container for the sewn strips
(and that should be soon)
I will then try and make rows the size I want the quilt to be
I also need to keep in mind the light dark as I think it seperates them 
so that I can enjoy the fabrics more
are YOU tumbling?


Charlene S said...

I like the idea of repurposing the tins. My grandmother did it, my mom did it, I do it, my daughter does it, my granddaughter does it, and now we are teaching our great-granddaughter to do it. Repurposing is a great tool even in quilting. You are repurposing those scraps. Love the way you tumblers look.

Julierose said...

Oh i love tins--I keep a lot of my scrapbooking smaller pieces in tims from my Grand-mere and Mom...I just can't throw them away--especially those that have a hinged lid--I really like those...your tumblers are lovely hugs, Julierose

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Mine just lay along the side of my machine. I worked on making some rows of 10 today.

barbara woods said...

i like making scrap quilts out of them, need to make a 100 maybe that many would make a dent!