Friday, February 12, 2016

more 365 quilting

this 365 quilting project is genius
I started it because I just thought what a cool way
to see in a year my moods in fabrics

but now I realize it is MUCH MUCH MORE
this project I did not turn into applique slow stitching
I have enough of that
I wanted quick get er done kind of stuff
and I could use some machine practice (new to me machine) 
so decided
to back them with the used dryer sheets
and machine applique them on
I am getting better with each circle

by doing this method I have accomplished a LOT

but as I choose the fabrics for each days mood
it is almost like a release.
it is OK to feel sad.
 ok to feel stressed. 
ok to feel brain mush
and also ok to dream....
it lets me know that this feeling too shall pass
it is not forever so if I am feeling blue, just feel blue
and move on

who knew a quilt could teach you something?

just finished up 5 more days this morning before work.
yeah it is THAT easy........
I have no hardfast rules except about the background
fabric for the month
if my circle is not perfect, so be it. 
I am not perfect and some days are certainly less perfect than others

this quilt is very special and I am hoping once I catch up
I can continue it on for a year
I am excited to see how much I can grow
by the quilts end
and to see how my fabric stash
can represent my many moods throughout the year

yeah, I like that.........

dreaming of my butterfly bush and my 
garden lillies so I can say Hi to Mom in Heaven!

are YOU 365ing? you should check it out


Julierose said...

Love your circles--I took a break from mine...hugs, Julierose said...

Lovely circles, and love the lily it is gorgeous.

barbara woods said...

beautiful fabric's you are using

barbara woods said...

Stay warm, to cold for me!