Tuesday, February 23, 2016

more reunion stuff

my niece came over to learn to crochet
and solve a quilting problem she had
AND she donated a TON of these candles
they are gel candles that came from Marthas Vineyard
her Aunt used to have a store there
that closed
and she gave these to the girls to sell for themselves
the girls decided to donate them instead to our reunion prizes
(did I tell you I have THE BEST Nieces EVER?)  
I DO I DO I DO.........
they are so pretty with seashells in them and nice gel scents

THEN my friend gave me this......
anyone know what it is?
it is made of flannel and a pretty fabric

It is a fabric doll diaper
and she gave me the pattern too! 
and a TON of flannel to make some
love my friend.........<3
thanks Jackie!  you are the best too!
guess I better get busy.....


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

How cool. I had cloth diaper covers for my girls that someone made when they were born.

barbara woods said...

never seen a diaper pattern brfore