Sunday, February 28, 2016

oh my I am in love..........

I took a nap yesterday afternoon as I was feeling ugh and cold
so I slept till about 6 pm!

you KNOW what that means!
I didnt sleep well last night

what is a gal to do when she is up.......
and her sewing room is at the other end of the house
and her fabric is calling.......

why SEW of course

what to sew.........hmmmm.......
I still had a bunch of charms all over the place so pulled a blue
and a light background and figured I would "try out" 
the letters to see if they are going to be difficult

OH MY.........
once I made the W
I HAD to make the H
then the A
and T has to be easy , right?

I had to "step away from the machine"
as I need groceries in this house!!!!!

if you too would like to have this much fun

all of the patterns to cut are there.
these finish around 4 inches
so be warned
some of the pieces are TINY

some of you THROW that size away!
(now I bet you wish you didn't, huh)

just need the letters for reunion next 
(and the O is already done hee hee)
and then I can figure out a way
to make the back of that quilt
I am loving it so far!

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5 comments: said...

Very cute. That would be how you use up your stash. Everyone's name on their pillowcase.

barbara woods said...

i would love to put the next g-g name on the baby quilt but they don't know what it is yet

Julierose said...

Oh these really came out so lovely! this is the perfect word for the day for me, too--Like: "WHAT" in the world do I have?? this bug.virus/ &*() thing is hanging on and hanging on...I'd like to get more than one hour's sleep without a coughing fit!! just sayin'...I did make chicken soup today--DH helped cut up and I was able to vent my irritability by being HEAD CHEF-ETTE!!! hahaha...(Speaking of which, have you seen the movie "Burnt"--pretty good...watched it at 3 am last W H A T's a gal to do)...take my meds and rest and read my boggy friends....hugs, Julierose (cough cough!!)

Quilter Kathy said...

I really loved that project! I haven't quilted mine yet, but it is so fun!

Bonnie said...

Nice letters. Must go visit Temecula. Thanks for the heads up.